How do I move these ears separately?

I made some Equine / Animal ears, and thanks to the Duplication / Separate commands was able to make 4 distinct ones. But now I want to be able to Alter / move about the individual ears. Yet unlinking isn’t working, when I move one set, the other set follows it around.

What do I do to change that? [Btw, ears were made with the use of the mirror tool. If that information is helpful.]

[Oh! And yay! I finally was able to make something! Even though it’s probably not the prettiest ears yet, I was finally able to beat Blender’s dislike of complex ears into submission.]


Found one way, but is there an easier way than to go to edit mode. Deselecting everything, Pressing Z [wireframe mode], then highlighting one of the objects with Box select. Then moving said selection? Something a tad more efficient?

If I understand well, your ears are one object. This is why they move together in object mode.
To move them separately, they have to be separate objects.
Go in edit mode, select one ear, press “p” and then, “selection”.
The ear is now a separate object. repear the process for all ears.
OR select everything with “a” in edit mode, “p” and then “by loose parts”.
you can apply your mirror and press ctrl+alt+shift+C (can it be called "short"cut anymore? ;D ) to place the origin point correctly. If you don’t apply the mirror it’ll mess things up!

Cheers :wink: