How do I move this bears arms to T pose without ruining my topology

This is my bear I’m modeling and I would like to animate it so I would like to move its arms into a T pose but I’ve already made that topology perfect…how do I do that how do I move his arms into a T pose without ruining the nice geometry of the mesh? here is a picture of what’s going on. I just would like to know the best way. Because I plan to do this kind of thing a lot I don’t mind paying money for an add-on to get the most best easiest way. I’ve tried putting the 3D cursor at his shoulder joint and using proportional editing but that didn’t really help in this case.

Here is the blend file

Hi, it will be quicker to re model this, then fix it. And the mesh is too dense for animating.

But I could just cut its arms off and put it back on in the right position I wanted a quicker way and what do you mean to dense you mean too many quads cause I could just remesh it…would that be good enough…or am i on the wrong track?

You have way more geometry then you need, you can easily recreate this with simple shapes and less vertices making it way easier to work with and more efficient performance wise. If you try to animate it as is even if you can separate the arms its going to be to messy with its topology. You will also want to work with the mirror modifier to make sure its symmetrical cause that will bite you a hundred times in the future. It sucks but trust me, your better starting over. It will probably also help to add the arms and legs as separate objects independent of the body mesh.

I don’t see an armature. Am I missing it?

No there’s no armatute on this model I just want to get it to the point where I can animate it