How do I nominate people to become a mod?

how can +1 people who help me?

how can I -1 people who are vampires?

how can I become a mod myself?

I have many people I would +1 right now, because they are only here to help…

How do you become a mod?
For us normal users, we can help the mods using the ‘report post’ button. For instance I might use it to notify a mod that this thread may be better in the website support and discussion area.

Rather than trying to become a mod, you can enjoy the privilages of being a mod without being one.
What does a mod do?

  1. Visit often, post often, be interested in what people are doing. Be supportive.
  2. Give full answers, use full English show that you have maturity.
  3. Do something significant that people notice you in a good way.
    Do you know what happens now? You have respect. Respect is better than the moderator tag under your name. Respect with other community members coupled with mature use of the report post button gives you the power of a moderator without being one! Also, you don’t have to deal with the spam and annoyances of administering a website (Ever tried it? It’s not fun).

As for Vampires? Just ignore them, or give them a few pointers. Try help them as much as they let themselves be helped, or if it’s a complete waste of time, ignore it. If it deliberately inflammatory, then report the thread. Be aware that some seeming troll posts can result in interesting discussions.

As for +1’ing people who help you, it is an interesting idea, but can make it very hard for newcomers to the community, who think they can help but make a mistake. Then they start with a ‘bad’ reputation. You’d need to wait until a person had ten or fifteen votes before it was displayed.

I was interested in being a mod for a while, and perhaps still am slightly, but after a few discoveries about what a mod actually does, you realize it is more than just a title.
A name you make for yourself is more important than a name given to you. True in many aspects of life.

Thanks :slight_smile:

and thank you for your help in the past as well :slight_smile:

I mentioned earlier that I could report this post to be moved to website support and discussion. However I did not (nor has anyone else I guess)
Read monster post. He says I should have reported it
Here’s my reasoning:

  • The topic is unrelated to this section -> should be moved

  • People and mods in this area of the forum know blueprintrandom -> stay??

  • No-one except mods visit the website support section -> stay?

  • If BluePrintRandom were to become a mod, this would be the section -> Stay?

  • Mods can detect this as an off topic thread very quickly (first post and title). It is quicker for a mod to read it than for me to report it and him to read the report. I am saving time by not reporting it. -> Don’t do anything
    (The report post button is better for posts in the middle of threads, like I asked a mod to remove one of your posts from the middle of the DEEP Space thread, as it was off-topic (did you know?). This would not have been found by the mods, and even if it had, they likely wouldn’t have moved it as is was vaugley related unless you followed the thread thoroughly.)

Don’t cry wolf, mods can think for themselves.

(Now I wonder if this thread is going to be moved by the next mod who reads it?)

*** Moderation ***
moved from: Game Engine Support and Discussion
reasons: belongs to
*** End of Moderation ***

I think sdfgeoff said it really well in post#3.

Beeing Moderator means

  • daily additional work
  • looking for spam
  • avoiding public discussions (which is not always easy)
  • dealing with vague statements
  • hard to evaluate discussions
  • reading large lists of less interesting posts (e.g. reading 300 long posts because the contain 20 troll responses)
  • hard to judge forum violations

Luckily the hard topics are pretty rare. So big praise to the mature writing to our forum members.

Yes, a moderator status gives a lot of reputation. You can imagine that new moderators should have a good reputation already. As usual this is pretty subjective and will be decided on the known posts within this forum.

A moderator will be promoted by the forum owners which are our admins. This is discussed with the existing moderators too. We currently do not look for new moderators.

What can you do as non-moderator?

  • see sdfgeoff post#3!

  • in difference to post#5, please report posts where you think we mods should get active (like off-topic, un-appropriate etc.). Even when we are pretty active but we do not read all posts. And we might miss thinks.

  • reporting is pretty simple, just press the button and enter a request (please do not use an unrelated post). We get the link to the post and can read what you wrote. If we have questions we will contact you via private message.
    We might decide not to get active. If actions belong to you we will notify you if you didn’t requested that (like deleting posts). Our actions might take a while dependent if we discuss it internal first.

I hope this helps

Edit: corrected the names

I moderated probably the largest Halo forum back in 2002-2004 and I can tell you its not at all what you would think its like. It can be down right work at times…

moderating is hard work. I moderate a forum for our game, and i can be a lot of work.
a good way to help out whether you are a moderator or not, is to help out in the support sections. (did someone mention this already?) (though why should you listen to me? I don’t even go in there myself :stuck_out_tongue: I wan’t to/feel like I sholud though)