How do I *not* save all this extra denoise data in my multilayer EXRs?

I have a compositing pipeline which requires rendering to Multilayer EXR sequences. I’d like to use the Denoise node, and for this it is required that I enable the denoising data pass in cycles.

This creates a whole lot of extra data in the render layer that I don’t actually need (denoising depth, denoising variance, denoising intensity, etc.):

The result is that my Multilayer EXR files are WAY bigger than they need to be! I don’t know how to prevent Blender from exporting all of this data to Multilayer EXRs. I need the images to be denoised properly and I also need multilayer EXRs, so how do I stop Blender from giving me all this extra data?!

You can combine custom multilayer EXR with File Output node in Compositor.

Thank you, @Serge_L but the file output node appears to create a separate EXR file for every input. This is a pipeline I am hoping to avoid. Is there a way to output one multilayer EXR file per frame with only the passes I need?

Don’t forget to choose multilayer type of EXR (green highlight)


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Oh, dang! I did not realize that the file output node could be used this way. I just assumed it would create multiple EXR files. Thank you!