How do I open Oblivion items in Blender

Hi there, I’m new to Blender, and I have a lot of reading to do on how to use it properly. So please bear with me.

I want to open up an item in Blender from Oblivion, so that I can fiddle with it and experiment on the controls and commands.

I have downloaded everything I need to:
Blender 2.49b
Python 2.6.2
PyFFI 2.1.4
Blender Nif scripts
BSA Commander

Using BSA Commander I have unpacked a Oblivion meshes .bsa file, then used Nifscope to open up a pair of Boots for example. That works fine, but I want to open it up with Blender. How do I go about doing this?

Also I don’t understand why some files for example helmet.nif and helmet.egm. Not all items seem to have two file types either


Hello and welcome
what is “Oblivion”?
You probably should post a question like this one in a “Oblivion” support forum?
This one is about “Blender Interface” and how to start, its in the title!

If you do a forum search for niftools there have been a number of threads in the past that may be useful


Oblivion is a first person Role Playing game by Bethesda Softworks

There are a number of tutorials on the NifTools website that should help you out.

I have not tried what you are asking but from your question the issue is one of importing and exporting from Blender. To do this you will need the nif import/export scripts from here:

lemme guess, you have blender 2.49, python 2.6.2, and all the recent nif stuff?
ha! i knew i wasnt the only one!!! i have the same problem. i looked it up and it said something about needing blender 2.43. try looking up that i cant remember where i saw it. if you dont know what to do, go to scripts, import, and the file extension should be located there

Great thanks for that, I am getting there slowly, there is certainly alot to learn using all this software. I have made an item that I want to test, my next problem is how to get it into the game, so that I can load it into the construction set to see what it looks like. It is currently a .nif file, and I understand it needs to be in a .bsa file so that it can be selected in the construction set…

Thanks again for any help