How do I organize large game files?

Hello! I’ve been doing some research on organizing game files, but can’t find much information. Would anyone be kind enough to either point out some resources or give me some tips?

My main problem is that games in UPBGE have so many moving parts. Seemingly simple things can become very complicated once an object has a lot of logic bricks and properties. Also, remembering all the messages sent between objects is hard. I know how to use most of the actuators and many features, but design becomes very difficult once the game reaches a certain size. So I haven’t completed a game yet. I can only make mini games with minimal logic, so I’d like to find a way to make the organization easier. Once the project reaches a certain size, I can’t do it because of organizational problems.

And that is why everyone suggest to get into python.

It can do everything logic bricks can and more. Organizing it is better too, naming scripts and functions, keep things you want separated from each other. Then you also can use libload, to organize the game folder, neat and tidy, reuse assets by simply loading it into a new level etc.

It’s just a fact that if you don’t like spaghetti(logic bricks) then you need to switch over to python. Now you don’t have to jump full in right away, you can simply use both logic and python. Like with messages, let python handle that, then you got 1 file with a full overview of it, instead of like 200 objects with lots of bricks to handle them.


Thank you for all the amazing game resources! You’re truly talented. I’m can’t do any python, despite having watched hours of tutorials, so for now I’ve devised a plan to add tags to the end of object names (in the outliner) such as [logic] for objects with logic bricks, [message] for objects with messages, etc. Now I can use the outliner’s search bar to have all the logic bricks in a more organized space. I really should learn python though because that seems like a far better solution. Perhaps I can learn a few things from studying your scripts. Thanks!

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This is where I really started to learn python:

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