How do I pack image textures in Cycles

Under the “blender render” engine there is a button to the left of the image file that you press to pack the image internally within the blend file.

I’ve searched these forums / googled and still can’t find this function under cycles.

already tried: File>External Data>Pack into .blend file

already tried: packing while under “blender render” engine

already tried: (F) saving data blocks



On the current open known issues it has:

Packed, painted or animated image textures do not work.
so maybe it just hasn’t yet been implemented.

Excuse me for posting into an old thread, but this is still a bug. Luckily, there is a work around:

  1. Unpack all external data: file -> external data -> unpack into files -> choose first option (create folder when necessary)
  2. Make all paths relative: file -> external data -> make all paths relative
  3. Cycles can now load the textures from the texture files as usually