How do I paint color #2 over base color #1 on one mesh?

Hello, I have this question:

I have a plane with base color green (grass imitation). Now, I want to paint a brown path through the plain, possibly with option to easily edit it, like using weight map. How is this achievable? I would search Google but it’s my first week with Blender and I don’t even know how to call this action of painting a color over a color on the same mesh.


Depends on the used render engine and its material system. Could paint a greyscale mask and use that to mix two colors, two textures, or even two materials.

very old tutorial but shows one example of that
Also, if you do edit or create new image in Blender, remember to save that image separately on the disk since it doesn’t save with the .blend.

Yes, my bad for I did not specify the render I use. It’s Cycles, which has no option like such. But still thank you for showing me this method. :slight_smile:

So, how about Cycles engine way to do that?