How do I paint the default cube???????????

I can’t even add one stroke of paint!!
I followed this tutorial

But when I apply my brush to paint… no color shows up!
help please!

Does anyone know any other tutorials!!

I just wanna give my cube some bluish… color… is it so much to ask for a bit of color :frowning:

1: have a cube
2: make sure there is an unwrapped UV MAP (or else you’ll paint on all overlapping faces at once)
3:Make sure there is an IMAGE
4: Go into texture paint mode
5: paint.

AHH!!! the “click image-add” was my problem! thats why I couldnt paint! thanks a lot!

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And most importantly, save the texture you just painted! I often forget Blender doesn’t save it automatically, I close it and then realise I lost everything :smiley: