How do I parent an ax to my wrist bone?

I am trying to parent my ax(separate object then my character) to my models hand through the Wrist.L bone. How would I achieve this?

Select the ax, shift right click on the bone in question, and then hit ctrl+p

…And keep offset.

But this would probably be better handled by adding a bone to your ax and then adding a bone constraint to have it follow the rotations of your wrist bone… Or adding a target… I don’t think you’ll want to parent the axe to the wrist, because that doesn’t make sense from a scene standpoint (I think).

I am confused on how you select the bone and the ax at the same time. I can only select the ax and the armature but not the wrist bone itself. I selected the ax and selected it all and assigned it to the wrist bone, but ones I go into pose mode and rotate it, the ax will rotate but it will stretch the ax and ruin it. How do I fix this?

Select the ax, then alt-p to clear the parent. In object mode, select the ax, then shift select the armature. Then enter pose mode, you can now deselect/select the bones as needed, till you select your wrist bone. Then ctrl-p and select ‘make parent to: Bone’ from the pop up menu.

Hope this helps

Thank you :slight_smile: