How do i pass data through scenes?

Hi, i have two scenes, second one is overlaid to the first one and i need to pass a variable/property between them.

i tried connecting objects from both scenes to one controller, but didnt work.

Any idea?

Try to use globale properties in python.

hi person thank u very much.
i know basic python just to manage controllers.
if is not very complex question, how do i define a globale with python?

GameLogic.a = 123 = ‘name of the object’
GameLogic.points = [[0, 5], [1, 8], [3, 2]]

this prints 124

print GameLogic.a + GameLogic.points[1][0]

You can access these variables from any script in blender game engine

Thank u very much ashid.

Im developing custom cursor behaviours like roll overs, so i got one overlaid scene for the cursor and that helps me to send commands to hide one cursor and reveal another when the mouse is over any object.