how do i paste a python code?

Hi, i need to paste a python code from the game engine text editor to a post. I select it in the text editor and i copy it, but how do i paste it here? i have to use the Code button here but how do i copy the text from the text editor to paste it here?

Don’t need an answer: i have to press Code button then paste the text the press again Code button :smiley:

Oops! :expressionless:

Post content deleted.

On error resume next!

control+shift+c copys from a blender text window into the windows copy/paste clipboard
control+shift+v pastes into a blender text window from the windows clipboard

it should be noted that python is sensitive to spacing, so if you want to take from a code block here hit the quote button or something, and copy the code from the resulting text [input] window because it will have the tabs preserved.

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