How do I permanently delete armature actions?

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In the header of each window, there is a button on the far right entitled “Current window type”. You must select the topmost item (a picture of a stick figure). It opens up a window that’s similar to the IPO window, except that it has blocks instead of curves. You can select, move and delete actions from there. Hope this helps!

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I’m sorry but I don’t think that is what I am looking for. Thanks though.

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I think you have to good throug the OOPS window.


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Can you please be a little more specific? When I look in the OOPS window I don’t see links to any action data. Thanks for your help.


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Hello TorQ
You must enable/disable the little blue icon buttons in the bar
accordingly to your needs!!

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IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO PERMANENTLY DELETE ACTION DATA PLEASE SPEAK UP!! If you know please post a detailed answer here.
Thanks again.


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post from the blenderchar forum…

thanks again.

BUT… how to delete the last action? perhaps i’m too stupid. or i can’t read. 8)

(search function works ;))

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Okay, here’s the way, dude:

I split my work screen in two, and turn the right screen into my keyframe viewing window. (I don’t know the right name for this window, it might be the OOPS one, but when you click on the icon that selects the window type, it is the button with the little man in it) This shows you all the key frames you have created for all your armature joints. If you can’t see it, select your armature inthe left work window, and go into pose mode (CNTRL TAB I think) You should be able to see the key frames for every bone you animated (if this is the case) in the left hand screen. It should look like a list of names (corresponding to the names of the individual bones) select one, then CNTRL A to select all, then DELETE.

Now, to reset your bones in the armature, select them all by bound-selecting, then hit ALT R to erase all rotation information, then ALT G to erase all position information. This will reset your entire armature to its rest position and allow you to start again.

I am not sure if you animated your armature or just posed it, but the second point will work on any bone you have posed and want to reset.

Hope this helps dude!!