How do I pervent this Bad UV

Here is a issue that I keep getting, tried to unwrap this part of my object as a cylinder and also tried a normal unwrap along with many off the other options, it has seams but my unwrap is bending and not relaxed at all for a simple shape. Pretty much unusable.

see image attached.
note there is no back faces
I know i can use the align tools but i have quite a few objects like this so it would take much time.

Try angle based unwrap. After unwrap, F6.


Edit: never mind. No backfaces.

‘Follow Active Quad’ might be your friend.

first unwrap 1 face with normal unwrap.

If necessary tweak it’s UV so it’s perfectly straight (rectangle). One way is to scale the 2 top UV-vertices to 0 on y-axis, then bottom 2 vertices, then the 2 left vertices on x-axis, etc.

In edit mode in 3dview, select all vertices (A) with the unwrapped face as the active face.

Then ‘U’ -> ‘Follow Active Quads’ and choose ‘Length’

Tried and got a letter U shape, however it was a clean U very much useable in some cases.

Thanks it works great, Be warned I could kiss you now :eyebrowlift: