How Do I Pick Up A Object

Does anyone one know how to pick up a Gun, Stick, Cup etc.

It’s pretty simple, and you should be able to find the answer through a little research :wink:

That is a pretty vague question…

More accurate answer: the same way as is described here:
Do you want to just pick them up or you want to do something else with them?

i want to pick them up and use them

Okay, you’re going to reach your arm to where they’re sitting (if they’re on the floor, you might need to crouch)
Now, when you palm makes contact, close your fingers until you are holding the object. There you go!

…oh, you meant in the game engine.

I’d recommend searching here and on google, as many people have asked this beforehand, and there are tons of answers, tutorials, and example files all over the place.