How do I pick white with value > 1?


is it possible to somehow define colors with values bigger than 1 with the color picker? If I compare the values of an HDR Image to the value of say, a specular, I can’t seem to push the specular past a value of 1 (in case of the spec i could set the power to 2 but in other cases this is not possible). So is the color picker limited in this respect? How can I circumvent this?


The colorpicker is indeed clamped to 0-1.
But you could boost your color using MaterialNodes and adding a RGBCurvesNode.
This Node has clipping option you can deactivate for getting higher values.
Or you use the HueSaturationValue Node - you can push the value to 2.


Yes there are some workarounds but they are painful I think. Using super whites is a pretty basic element of my workflow and allows one to really make use of the 32 bit workflow. I just checked and it is still the same in 2.5. I will see if I can make a suggestion to the devs.

You can ‘Add’ Colour Ramp Shades:-

Set the Emit to 1?

Hey, the added color ramp is a nice idea. I grew hesitant to use “emit” from my Maya experience because it gets treated a bit differently in the render pipeline. But it is something to keep in mind. So, there are a couple of ways to do what I want, even tough they are not quite as straightforward. For example, the colorpicker in the compositor is also clamped at 1.Again, there are ways around this but would it be better to have an “unclamped” option like in the curves node? What are your thoughts?