How Do I Place An Object At It's Origin?

I’m trying to create a coffin with a cross on it’s lid. I had the cross imported as an OBJ file. When I did, the cross didn’t sit directly on top of it’s origin. Right now, I’m assuming it’s the child of an empty. Does any know how I can remedy this? I did it on the origin itself so I can rotate the cross more easily, so I can put it on the lid. I’m in need of some help!!! :slight_smile:


way #1: If you look on your screenshot you can see in the very upper left a box that says origin, if you press that in Blender then a series of optoins come up, do to geometry to get the in respect to the object.
way #2: go into the objects edit mode and move the whole mesh until its where you want it on the origin itself, tab out of edit mode and the origin should be where you left it in edit mode.

for future references, it’s probably best to ask this on a different forum on Blender Artists cause this is WIP not questions. Good luck and happy blending!

Okay GJ. I’ll try that when I get a chance - after a good night’s rest. Considering I’m new to Blender, I still have a lot to learn. But I think I’m progressing a little quicker than I expected. Just a few things I still don’t know.

If you want the origin centered to the object, just go into object mode (Press TAB to toggle) and on the menu at the bottom select object->transform->origin to geometry.

As GJAnders pointed out, this is the WIP forum. Maybe one of the mods can move it to a more appropriate one.

there is shortcut for this… alt + ctrl + shift +C, and than origin to geometry

I’ll have to try that too. I guess there a few shortcuts and macros I still haven’t learned. Of course, I’m not complaining. I wanted to learn to learn Blender not just to create my own graphics, but also because I needed something challenging - I’d be bored with it otherwise.

there’s another way… put the cross onto your coffin lid where you want it… then select your coffin … go into edit mode select the vert or edge that you want to act as the hinge then press shift-s then choose cursor to selected… then go to object menu select transform > origin to cursor an then on the cross transform>origin to geometry an then select them both selecting the cross first and just press ctrl-p and all you do is rotate the lid and the cross will move and rotate with the lid hope this helps :smiley:

Okay, I’ve got the cross on the origin now. I’ll give your method a try dragon. I’m always looking for ways to make models more easily. As for the origin button of the top left of my screenshot, I didn’t even notice it when I was working with the model. Little things like that tend to go unnoticed by me. I owe you a thank you GJ.

no problem :slight_smile:

Okay. I finished the coffin. I think it looks good, although it isn’t perfect. I probably need to work on the brown color of the coffin it’s self - it doesn’t ‘feel’ as though it’s made of varnished wood, like I was hoping to make it look like. I’ll probably have to do some image mapping or UV mapping to get it to look that way. But I think I’m off to a good start though. The cross could be centered better on the coffin though. :smiley:


You can also go into edit mode, select all the vertices, and set their median x, y and z to 0.