How do I place grass in my scene?

In the attached image I’ve drawn where I want to place strands of grass. What would be the best way to do this?


(1) make a small plain over the area you want the grass to be situated.
(2) Go to the plains particle tab
(3) where it says emitter, change it to hair
(4) set the normal to about 0.10 and randomness to 0.10

Voila basic grass, you will just need to texture it yourself.

once your done you will notice that the grass is all over the plain, to edit it into the precise area you want do this :

(1) Look in at the particle system window in the bottom left hand corner, you will see a tab called “set edittable” click that.
(2) Then switch to particle mode ( where the object mode/edit mode/ vertex paint mode is)
(3) press N …a window should pop up in the 3d window with a bunch of settings on
(4) click on cut change its strengh to 90 and start chopping away at the grass pieces you do not want…you can also grow your grass using this method.

hope this was what you were looking for

Yep, thanks for the info.

I love this place.