How do I pose this tail with a rigify rig?


I’ve been working on this character model for a while, but I’ve found myself stuck in the posing/rigging process.

I’m trying to position the character’s tail like so:

I’ve achieved this by grabbing tail_master, selecting all of the tweak_tail widgets, setting the 3D cursor to tweak_base_tail, and rotating the selection with the 3D cursor as the pivot point.

Unfortunately, this seems to break the rig. I’ve tried adjusting the “Tail Follow” slider under “Rig Main Properties” in the Item menu, but it didn’t seem to make a difference. I have an understanding of what each widget does, but I just can’t seem to figure out how to get the tail to pivot on tweak_base_tail without breaking the rig.

You can find the .blend file here.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, use the rotation tool.

Or are you referring to the tail mesh braking up?

Hey! I’ve been trying to rotate this, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.


Am I doing anything wrong?

Not that control look at my example. The one at the end of the tail


This doesn’t produce the expected result unfortunately, as it only allows me to lift the tail up and down.

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As a new user, I’m only able to post one image at a time. This is how I got the tail in the pose in the first image on this thread:

Tail Method

Rotation not move.

However, it breaks the rig.

Weird Tail Stretch

Both rotating and grabbing tail_master appear to have the same effect.


You are grading and moving you are not using the rotation tool!
You can also rotate the green rings.

Using the rotation tool on the tail widgets worked! Thank you so much.

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