How do I post a movie?


How do I post a movie?

I think you have to post it offsite and link to it. Animations are generally much larger than pictures, too much storage & bandwidth to host here.

what kinf of movie is it?

This thread is in the completely wrong section, look around before you just make a post like this.

A few suggests…

(1) It works best to have your own web-site, your own storage-space…

(2) Reprocess the original animation into several different sizes and resolutions. Give me, first, a small file with a small image-area that I can download quickly.

(3) Lead me first to a page which clearly shows the various films with a still-frame from each, with their sizes and formats.

(4) Take the time to actually verify that each file is downloadable and that it can be played on several different formats. For example, I don’t have Windows Media Player Version Latest; and I don’t have Quick Time Pro Version Latest.

(5) When I download the picture and start playing it, I don’t want to see lots of credits at the start nor at the end. I want instant gratification: start the action within the first two seconds. A simple “written by / copyright” frame at the end of the show, for one or two seconds, is fine and is enough.

Upload your video with an online file hosting service, I use most of the time (125 Meg file size limit:cool:). Once your file is uploaded they will give you a page with a download link that you can hyperlink to on the board.