How do I print text on the render Image?

Hello there!

I was working on a scene, trying multiple camera focal lengths and emplacements, rendering and saving the image each time I quite liked the iteration. I took a pause and then decided on which image I liked better, only I couldn’t get the exact emplacement and focal length because I didn’t saved an alternate version of the .blend file each time. While I know that it could have been avoided by doing exactly that; saving an alternate version each time, I wonder if I could have printed that camera information in the file or onto the render(as an text layer over the image).

-The text would be either parented to the camera or on top of the render image
-The actual text would be written automatically with a possibility of doing it manually.
-Text&camera setup’d be replicable in a fast and easy manner(to cover for the scenario where multiple camera are in the scene)
-The text would be white with black outline, to be readable at all time

At the moment, I have researched for a way to add text within blender editor without result. I do not know if its possible to automatically write text within the 3D space of blender. What I currently have is a manual edited text, with the usual solidify trick for the outline, parented to the camera.

Any idea on how it could be achieved?

Geonodes, with drivers can help you…

text parenting to camera

Sorry, I am incapable of reading the nodes as the image is too pixelated. Could you share a higher quality image? Also huge thanks for the help its greatly appreciated :smiley: (715.4 KB)

Have a file, Im, not done with it yet…

I was going to recreate it on my own anyway so that I understand whats going on under the hood.
I’ll share when I’ll get decent result with it
thanks again!

Update: I have achieved what I wanted
here’s the result

Im quite satisfied with the result I have although its a tid bit slower then I hoped, as everytime the UI is attached to a new camera; the change needs to be done both in the geometry node menu and in the drivers menu, still Im pretty satisfied.

thanks again AlphaChannel

ps: CameraUI-GeoNodes.blend (196.6 KB)

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I revised the nodes to adapt the Camera UI to the new version of blender(3.0), the way I drew the outline needed slight change(just adding a “Realize Instances” at the end of the node line).

Only I thought of a neater way of doing the outline within geo nodes instead of using the solidify modifier method. Briefly I’m converting the text outline(curves) to mesh and using a circle curve(at the lowest resolution) for the profile, that way it renders over the text.

From my small test, this new way of doing the outline renders a tad bit faster ( 00:16:14 to 00:15:48 ),
a nice little bonus.

new file:CameraUI-GeoNodes-NeaterOutline.blend (202.1 KB)