How do I program Multiple Playable Characters

For my first project, I am going to make a simple third person shooter. The goal mainly would be to shoot all the enemies and get to the goal.
In this game, I want more than just one playable character and I have no Idea how to program that.

Simply create more than one.

Design each one in a way that you can activate/deactivate controls.

Ensure you activate just one at the time.

You can even set up different controls. That way you get a multiplayer game. Example:Visual VehicleWrapper

I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to coding, but I have one character that loads into my scene twice in different places, which are both controlled with different gamepads. The screen is also split for multiple players. I can show you how to do this with classes if you like. If you are looking to reduce the amount of duplicate code, classes are probably what you need to read up on.

However this may not be best practice and if you are just starting out with code it may be overwelming.