How do I pull down the vetrices?


I’m following a tutorial and the author mentioned that I need to pull down the vetrices from here1|184x269

to here

by doing “press ‘B’ to drag select or Hold ‘Shift’ and Right click for multiple select.”

Which I tried, but was not able to.

Any kind soul may help?

Thank you.

With nothing selected, you can use ‘b’ to box select the bottom two vertices and drag the mdown. Alternatively, shift to edge mode and select the bottom edge and drag it down. Personally, for floor plans, I’d work in edge mode as you are always shifting the ‘wall’ edge or extruding it.

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Hi Colkai,

This is what I did. When I release it, nothing was affected.1

Thats because everything is already selected, you need to either deselect everything then select the bottom bit, OR, if everything is selected, use MMB when drawing the box to DESELECT the top bit. :slight_smile:

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I got it! Thank you for your help!

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