how do i put textures on charcters?

hi! i’m new and i’ve been using blender not for very long. and it is confusing! i’m only a teen and i’m constructing an online video game. its about chickens from a hatchery, you are the chicken. i’ve been running into problems, such as, how in the world do i add textures!?

Please? i need help!

It can take more than an hour for someone respond, be patient. Check Blender cookie for tutorials, for example: There are many examples on this site so find one that you like and work through it. You do need to learn to appropriately mark seams, UV unwrap and map.

Start with the tutorials.

the barrel tuorial dosn’t show me everything, any other tutorials?

Try ira’s tutorials;)

Oto The Cleaner has several great tutorials on his website. Fallow the link and have a look at some of them.

“Gimp It” is probably the one you’re looking for.
(thanks Oto for the good tutorials!)