How do I Randomly offset UV maps along and array of objects?

My current project involves make a dock. So for the planks i took an array modifier to make an array of planks. But i want each to have There UV offset in the X direction randomly. iv tried a couple of thing but cant seem to get it. one thing I tried is this.

Please help!



Object Info refers to the object (the first plank), and this will never change.
Did you try DupliVerts (if appropriate)?
If that fails, apply the array modifier and separate each individual plank into a separate object. If this gets too heavy to handle, you can always render out the result separately and use it as a texture.
Another approach is to use the brick texture to give individual color outs to use for randomization, but may not be suitable.
If the tiles are regular (no “brick offset”), then you can see here how I get individual colors.

Array modifier doesn’t array objects but mesh.

without using array but the info node

happy cl

Thanks you i will have to try some of these later today