How do I recalculate normals inside?

I looked at some tutorials and they said to use [alt+ctrl+nkey], but it does not seem to work.

Ctrl-n and then “flip normals”. You’ll find flip normals in the edit buttons -> mesh tools panel. Or shift-ctrl-n :slight_smile:


Thanks, it worked, but I have another question, when i press the u key in UV face select mode it does not show LSCM. I don’t know why it does that, is it because I’m using a newer version and there is a differnt name for that?

It is now called unwrap. You can choose the type of unwrapping in the uv calculation panel (only visible when in uv face select mode in the edit buttons). angle based is the new improved version, conformal is the old lscm.


Thank you:D I understand now.