How do I recreate this in the new Geometry nodes?

I am looking to achieve this snow indent effect for a text and I am unable to find most of the nodes. It’s like they revamped everything.

It’s from this tutorial (the last one with suzane in the snow):

You can open up Preferences and go to Experimental Tab and under it is the Legacy Nodes, select that…this will get all the older nodes that were replaced or removed…but be warned they are scheduled to be removed completely before Blender 4.0, so it is best if you study how to replicate this using the newer system and nodes…


Just done in 3.1 Release Candidate…

I tried a whole day to try to recreate this but I just couldn’t.

I am using 3.0.1 and I cannot find any such option to enable Legacy nodes. And I cannot use experimental builds because even the stable version crashes a lot.

Enable in the Preferences under Interface the Developer Extras first and then the legacy nodes under Expertimental.