How do I register???

Pls, How do I register? Upon completing the form and ‘pressing’ Submit, the form returns with the User ID filled out, the balance empty. Maybe I do not need to register given that I have posted this message!


Nope, you are a guest here. :slight_smile:

What is wrong is that your name is 12 letters, but the limit here is 11 letters. Change the name you are trying to register with to one with 11 or less characters.

Glad I could help! :wink:

sorry about this, it will soon be made easier

I’m having the same problem, but as you can see, it’s not my name.

Okay, so the forum doesn’t allow me to post a name yet.

Any way, the name was going to be Phantom. The pasword was 6 letter and (or) numbers long with no spaces. (Not going to help hackers, that’s probably well over a thousand possibilities!) My e-mail is [email protected].

I left the date format blank or as it was. Neither way works.

my website
Location: Oregon
occupation: comic writer
interests: politics
no sig

Always show my Email Address: No
Hide your online status: No
Always notify me of replies:
Sends an email when someone replies to a topic you have posted in. This can be changed whenever you post No
Notify on new Private Message: yes
Pop up window on new Private Message:
Some templates may open a new window to inform you when new private messages arrive Yes
Always attach my signature: Yes
Always allow BBCode: No
Always allow HTML: No
Always enable Smilies: Yes

language: English

time zone GMT
date format: D M d, Y g:i a

Does any of that tell you what I did wrong?

THere is already a Phantom here. Try something like “[email protected]” instead.

Terraconda, screen name

okay… when am I suppose be e-mailed? I registered… I think. Everything went okay, I just never got an e-mail.

Go here.