how do I rejoin polys to their parent plane

  1. Somehow the small square polys got separated from their parent mesh. How can I get the small squares to be a part of the background plane again?

I should mention the small squares are still joined to the parent plane but if I select the small squares they delete and the parent plane has no holes in it. I need the small squares to cut-out from the parent plane when I delete them. I hope this makes sense.


  1. Also, if it’s not too much to ask. How do I edge crease or “round” a corner. I remember selecting a vertice, then sliding a slider to round it but I don’t remember how. Thanks.

I am not sure about what you are asking with the first part of your question, but vertex bevel can be accessed with ctrl+shift+B

  1. That was Bevel, modifier or Ctrl-B - tool, works for one vertex too. It seemingly wont do anything - cancel scale and F6 will bring options.
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Heh, Modron was faster <- thanks for Ctrl-Shift-B!

Thanks Modron and Eppo.

Hi, what I mean in question #1 is “How can I fix the mesh so the background mesh will have the square holes in it? I want one mesh with small square holes.

Heres the file.

convert the face that needs holes to tris ( ctrl T ) then subdivide the middle edge, and delete the new vertex. then mkae new faces to join the remaining edges with the 3 squares, then go into face select mode and delete the faces, leaving holes.

Thanks Modron, that’s what I was going to do, but I thought there was another way to merge 2 planes into one. :slight_smile:

Actually, there is a way - it’s not the cleanest or fastest but if you want holes to be where some before created geometry is - use Knife Project.

I separated 3 squares into separate object, selected that and Shift selected bigger rectangle, gone edit mode with all selected.
From Top view, Ortho click Knife Project on Toolshelf. As you see - there are holes in rectangle now. The only thing is - ngons all around and you would need to manually clean that up after. If that is something more complicated than 3 squares it’s probably fastest tool to use; in this case some loopcuts would be faster.

Again - while image shows it from side, cut is done Top, Ortho.