How do I remove all image textures in the shading mode?

I have my object, a dog mesh, unwrapped, and ready for texture painting (hand painting). I am in the Shading window with the node editor at the bottom. When I added an Image Texture node I see that it is already populated with 4 image textures.

How can I delete these textures? and start with a new blank texture?

Also when did the Blender Artists forum main or home screen change? I don’t see all the categories listed like in the past so I don’t know how to choose the proper category for a new post topic like this one.

Thanks for any help

Just hit the + New button. You don’t need to/can’t delete the others. They’re just a list of already available files in the scene.


Very recently. I think you just need to change themes to either the Dark or Light one to get the old layout back; it’s the Art themes that have the new layout. Click on your avatar in the upper right corner, choose Profile, then Preferences → Interface → Theme.

Oh right, deleting image textures. As @Reg_Nullify said you don’t have to – but you can, if they’re unused textures you created but no longer need. If they don’t have a “user”, you can see them in the Outliner by clicking Orphan Data under Display Mode.
display mode

Then you can select anything you don’t need under Textures (it will show 0 as user) and delete it.

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Thanks for the tip. I changed the theme and it worked. Much appreciated.