How do i remove textures from a blend file ?

While working on a a large scene, i had some trouble with textures.
As a result i have a lot of textures who are wrong inside the blend file.
And if i do some UV texture editing; then i still see all the wrong textures which is quite confusing to me.
None of the objects have this texture currently assigned; but they are still there in blender;
How do i remove them out of blender.

(like there is the object browser somewher theses textures must still reside in blender too;
also for extra info i usually pack images inside my blend files , so maybe that the reason i cannt get them out or ???..

You could try the orphan cleanup addon to remove any unused textures/materials

If the reason the textures are packed in the blend causes a problem, just unpack them all first from the File / External Data menu

I tried this but still i have textures in the uv layout panel??? I shift + x really the only option?