How do i remove this weirdness?

So I have been trying like 5 times and and this happens EVERYTIME and i dont know how to remove it

as you can see i have these weird outstickers or what ever you want to call them, not sure what causes them or how to remove them so

Check for edges or faces that you don’t want.

Supply a link to your blend file for review

Character part 4.blend (461 KB)

is this the correct way to do so? :stuck_out_tongue:
guess it is lol!

this are your problem areas…inner faces and n-gons in the front, and a hole in the back. you can see them more clearly if you select all in edit mode and hit the smooth vertex button.

Very helpfull, thanks! but do you have a tip to how to remove n-gons and bad stuff? I mean i can see the issues, just not very sure how to deal with them now

on the butt just close up the gap by selecting the east and west vertices and hitting alt m to weld together. on the front triangles, do the same. on the n-gons, triangulate the with ctrl T ( I think ) to see what you’re really looking at, then reconstruct.

Thanks a lot, it looks a lot smoother now and all the weirdness is gone :smiley: Much appreciated!

Looking at the object without the subsurf modifier can help. You can then see things like vertices/edges floating in air

Thanks for the help guys :- )

Looks a lot better now! and there is no more adnormal holes in the back part either!

Learned a lot from you guys :smiley:

looks much better! I see there are still a couple of n-gons, but they don’t seem to be causing too much trouble. that could be a problem if you try to animate it though.

I am not quite sure what n-gons is, and how to remove them sorry :stuck_out_tongue: Quite a noobie still!

An n-gon is a face with more than 4 edges (i.e. an n-sided polygon), they can cause the subsurface modifier to behave in unpredictable ways (especially if the mesh is meant to deform), so it’s generally not recommended to work with them (unless you know what you’re doing). How to get rid of one depends on how it’s setup, but in the end the aim is to make it so that the mesh is made out of 4-sided faces.

AAH i see… So basicly my model have a lot of N-gons in the lower body, between her legs and on the leg… But i dont really know how i should go about removing them still tho, without messing it up :slight_smile:

Take the Knife-Tool (K)

n-gons can be triangulated with ctrl T, allowing you to see their true structure. all n-gons get converted automatically to triangles for rendering, so basically you have the same result as if you didn’t convert them, but converting them allows you to work with them, and reconstruct them more easily.

I guess i just feel pretty stuck right now :stuck_out_tongue: But here are some pictures about my current issue (yeah i read the double post)

I havent really fixed any of the n-gons so that might be the problem, how ever I just feel kinda stuck right now because i dont understand how i am gonna go about fixing the issue… but as the 2 pictures shows above there is a few marks and stuff that goes away with smoothing how ever it doesnt go away anyway, because they come back as fast as i go away from Sculpt mode. Maybe starting the sculpt was a misstake, but i just felt like i had to try it because i was stuck trying to fix! haha.

you have got a solid enough base at this point to where you could start retopo-ing it.

Would you recommend that i make the arms and legs and head before i go for the retopo?

you could, or you could just use additional objects, and pile them together before retopo-ing. such as an elongated multires’d cube for the upper arm, maybe with a little sculpting to tweak in some subtle curvatures like for the bicep muscle. I have had some pretty good success using that method, and it makes everything so much easier.
(edit) but remember you can’t use that base to bake a normals map from, at least not a good one. you can however, make a duplicate of your retopo-d version, sculpt that, and use it for your normals baking.

Haha i tried my anatomy skills in adding some upper arm on her! Dont tell anyone who have studied the anatomy of the human body they will headhunt me forever… I guess its the lightning that makes the curves look deeper then they are but yeah…