How do I rename vertex groups in 2.71

Hey all,

Yes it’s me with another stupid question… I’m following Neal Hirsig’s tutorials, and I’m at the point where I have to group vertices. This is fine, however the problem comes when I go to rename the vertex group from “Group” (the default name) to something like “Shark’s tail” or “Flashlight end cap”. There is no field to enter a new name. I can’t see anything in the properties menu (N-key), nor is there an option when I right on the group in the context menu NOR the outliner.

For all intents and purposes it seems that you can’t rename vertex groups… is this right?

Please see pics to see what I’ve tried so far.

I know I’m being stupid, but I couldn’t find anything on the net, nor in the manual (which only covers to 2.6). What am I doing wrong? [Prepares for head slapping]

Regards to all,


Recently the Vertex Groups (and other lists) were changed to allow renaming via double click. Just double click on the group name to rename it inline.


Many thanks JonathanW, that’s works a treat! Will have to remember this as I continue.