How do I render a scene where most of the lights comes from grills?

I need some advice on rendering this room in Cycles. Those tight grills and the doors in front end up trapping the light rays. I’ve put in a portal, but I am not sure it is helping much, and I have no idea what else to do apart from jacking up the light rays.

In Eevee I have the problem of ambient occlusion making areas unnaturally brighter. Also I don’t think it is projecting light between the smaller gaps correctly. I’ve tried maxing out the cube and cascade size.

What should I do here?

Also right now I am rendering this in Cycles with 128 diffuse rays and am getting the same problem as in Eevee. Some areas are unnaturally light and I am not sure why this is happening.

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Do you have glass in those doors?

Not in these renders. I’ve hidden it away. For Cycles I’ve turned off all light rays apart from diffuse.

If you have glass turn off all light rays apart from camera and transmission or delete the glass entirely, you probably don’t need it in this scene. Bring the portal inside the room and add another soft Area light also just inside the room, if you want to cast the grill shadows into the room use a plane emitter with a striped texture instead of the Area light. Apart from that I would need to look at the scene.

Bring the portal inside the room

Right now it is at the entrance. I thought it made sense to put it there, but is there a better place to put it? I wouldn’t mind uploading the whole file, but it seems new users can’t upload attachments. Maybe I could put it on Google Drive somewhere.

Here is the link to the room file.

I think the odd bright edges on pillow and mattress could be due to overlapping geommetry. At least one of my own scenes had that issue.

This is what I get after just 200 samples…
I turned off shadows to the grill parts of the doors…
I made an arrayed plane in front of the doors to mimick the grills and placed it outside invisible to all light paths except shadows.

btw the sun is turned on.
I didn’t use the Area light in the end Just the portal and the location is fine.

played with the scene a little. Changed some sun light parameters (angle and samples).
There won’t be shadows from the grill, because of the angle.
Thats why i removed some geo from the left door grill/shade.
I also added a bevel modifier to some objects, coz 90" angels aren’t that nice for ray bounces.
And changed the material diffuse color from white to a neutral grey.
I rendered with 256samples, and 30 bounces.
The shadow near the bed leg could be better - maybe more samples.
But overall I’m happy how it looks.

So I took the file and did a setup that got a reasonable render time, (I have a 2080 SUPER)
But the idea is there, just play with the numbers I point out until you get the mix of quality and render times.

Cool keep at it…remember its mostly about faking the results you want.

yeah fake until you can make it ; )
Hmm I wonder how LuxCore would handle that scene, i’ll maybe give it a try :slight_smile:

Yea I’ve tried Luxcore…Handles complex scenes quite well.

LuxCore. I needed to turn of the stones (geometry nodes) on the bed.

Back to Particles then :smile:

I also played with the scene in EEVEE and got this result:

Let me know if you want the file to have a look at?

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If you’re looking for fast interior renders with less noise, you can sacrifice a bit of relism by using Fast GI Approximation to limit AO Bounces:

You can try reducing AO distance if you want the room to be brighter. It is not recommended to use AO bounces less than 2 for final render.

Yeah, please. I wouldn’t mind taking a look at other people’s work either. Right now, I am watching various rendering tutorials. If I could just bring in a HDRI and point Cycles at the scene that is what I would have used, but if I have to mess with lights and settings, that makes trying to render the scene in Eevee instead worth it to me. Did you turn off ambient occlusion here? This is a good look.

I like this. Though rather than removing the faux creases, why didn’t you just apply the geometry node modifier instead?

I thought this would be a commercial renderer, but it turns out it is open source. It is worth looking into. Could you share the blend file please? I am interested in the Cycles one as well.