How do I render an animation with sound?

I have attempted to render the animation with h.264 and mpeg and the audio wont work. How do I get audio to work?

Windows xp 32
I am attempting to render the sound by adding it in the video editor along with the images.

Did you manage to add sound track on to the video sequence editor? The sound needs to be wav format.

While in 2.4x it had to be wav, for blender 2.6x I don’t believe the sound has to be wav. I’ve added mp3 as sound without issue

The only steps I’ve ever needed are selecting H264, then the H264 preset, then mp3 as audio codec.
The last choice may not be optimal, I’m just not very familiar with the other options. But it’s the step that’s most easy to miss - default is None, so you have to set something else.

I’ve never had any problem with wav, mp3, or whatever sound imported with opened video clips.