How do I render an object with the texture!

I have looked and for some reason all of the tutorials look so overly complicated then what I want to do. All I want to do is take the model, texture it with a simple texture, add a normal of that texture that I have if I can, then render it. I have made the model in rhino, i have imported it to blender, I have unwrapped the model and in UV editor added in the texture but for some reason i can’t figure out how to render it with the texture.

You have to add the texture to the model in the Shading->Texture Buttons panel, select “UV” on the “Map Input” tab, and select “Col” or “Nor” on the “Map To” tab, depending on whether you want the texture to be applied to color or the normal respectively.

In the Material Buttons (F5), add a material for the object. Then in the Texture Buttons (F6) add 2 texture channels. Load both images one into each channel. Now back to the Material Buttons. Go to the “Map Input” panel and hit “UV”. This will set the texture to render with UV coordinates. Go back to the Texture Buttons select the normal map channel. Back to “Map Input” select UV again. Then go to the “Map To” panel (right next to map input) and select “Nor” and deselect “Col”. This will set the normal map to render not to color, but to surface normals.

I hope this isn’t confusing and hope it helps. And welcome to BlenderArtists :slight_smile:

Thanks that was exactly what I needed!