How do I render in internal with distortion?

Hello, for a project I am working on I need the render to be curved as shown in the attached image

However I have found 0 references anywhere for how to do this. I’ve tried the “Panoramic” camera option and it gives me almost exactly what I’m looking for however there are very weird lines that I don’t know how to fix

Have you tried to adjust focal lenght of your camera?

There isn’t true camera distortion in blender render , you can only render panoramic images…
It’s related to titles size, lower the title size and you’ll have a finer distortion, maybe that will solve your “weird line” issue

If you use a very short focal-length you get the optical analog of a “fish-eye lens.” But this distortion is evenly circular. (Per contra, a long focal-length produces a “zoom lens,” and Blender’s default setting is a “normal” lens.)

I predict that the “panoramic” option that you’ve stumbled-upon is what you are looking for, since it would mimic the effect of a "CinemaScope®-"type lens which is used with wide theater screens. (Back in the days when they didn’t cram thirty tiny theaters into one building, so cinema screens were “wide” …)

This so-called anamorphic lens bent the light sharply, but only in the horizontal axis, as you see here. (The “weirdly distorted” image on the film, having been filmed through such a lens, would look correct when projected back through such another such lens.) A patent on that little piece-of-glass would have made you a tidy sum of money, back in the day …

I don’t see the “weird lines” that you speak of in the image that you posted. And, if I don’t see 'em, perhaps nobody else will, either.

Short focal length doesn’t have to be fish-eye (curvilinear). Barrel distortion can be fixed in software or with optics, and such rectilinear lenses are popular with real estate brokers (?). Wide angle interior shots with straight verticals. I have a 12mm myself and it’s one of my favorites. :slight_smile:

But yeah, what weird lines?