How do I render the Sun sky?

I would like to render the default sky(the one that is used when enable under the sun lamp properties.) with my rendered animation. I have “sky” selected as one of “shading” properties when I am rendering, but there is no sky in my animation. There is one however whenever I create a still frame. How do I get the sky to render with my animation?

M. Lightning

Try clicking “RGB” instead of “RGBA” in the Output section of the Render properties. Maybe…

Didn’t work. Thank you.


Did you check the “Blend Sky” and set Horizon and Zenith color?
This is how that should look like

I did and it did not work. I found a work around though. I just put the sun on a separate layer and exported it as a jpeg. Then I composited them together in after effects. Not the best solution but it worked well.

Thanks to all.

What I would consider doing … is to treat “the background” (including “the sky”) separate from your “main” renders. Render the basic image … the subject of the piece, if you will … and then composite whatever-you-like “background” into it.