How do i render Z Buffer and get composed image???

=))) Actually the topic concatinates both questions .)))

  1. How do i get Z Buffer from renderred image??? Or is there any way to render Z Buffer at once???

  2. How do i actually render the image based on compose nodes??? =))) I do understand how to operate with nodes but the way i get final composed image is still a mistery for me .)))

Thanks a lot!

  1. Search the forum. There should be plenty information on how to setup your
    nodes to do a Z buffer pass…

  2. Under the “Anim” button in the render buttons is a button called “Do Composite”,
    turn that on (remember to turn on “Use nodes” in the node view as well).


Thanks a lot .)))

Actually i thought theres a way to save Z Buffer without using nodes.

But theres good way here