How do i reorder materials?

Hi everyone. i’m making meshes for second life (via collada format). Faces in SL are grouped according to the material assigned to them in blender, in a certain order corresponding with the order of blender materials.

i have a model with 3 materials assigned, but the materials list is in the wrong order. Unlike most similar lists in blender, this one doesn’t appear to have the arrows to move a selected entry up/down in the list. So how am i supposed to change the order of materials ?

If this is significant for SL… Make cube, assign these materials to it and knowing the right order of SL groups, delete/add materials to your object.
Guess, Materials do not need to be reordered in blender, at least i can’t think of any usage of such somehow sorted list. They appear in order of the assignment in a list for object and any vertex groups created could be named, so…
Kinda boring if you have lots of them…Scripting then?