How do I reset (free) a frame in animation

I have an animation consisting of 24 frames and 5 of those frames were locked and the ones in between were supposed to deform but 4 of them didn’t because I locked them before. I also reset the 4 frames but they still don’t deform, how do I free (unlock) these frames so they can be deformed by the 5 main frames?

Not sure what you mean by ‘locked them’. If you could post a blend we could figure it out.


JoJo: Did you mean keyframes? What do you mean by “locking”?

by locked i mean locrot, so whenever i render the animation there are frames that are stuck. In total there are 32 frames numbers 1,8,16,24 and 32 are the frames that the rest are supposed to mold to but 4 of them dont because they are locked (i–>locrot).

Still don’t understand your problem. “LocRot” sets a keyframe for both Location and Rotation; it doesn’t mean “lock”. Without more information, I guess you want to remove keyframes, which means going into the IPO editor. See the Animation Basics section of the Blender wiki manual for more details.