how do i retime an animation?

I have an animation that is 40 frames long, with 5 keyframes in it at various points. (0,10,20,30,40)
I want it to be 30 frames long, with each keyframe being moved to 0.75* wherever it is now, rounded off appropriately.
(0, 8, 15, 23, 30, or something close)

In poser i believe this feature was called Retime, that’s how i’ve known it. i can’t seem to find it in blender at all.

how do i accomplish this

In the dopesheet, select all the keyframes, and press “s” (for scale) then press “0.75”

Either Dopesheet as WarKirby says, or - if you want to keep the original action for other objects - in the NLA Editor: once you turn the action into a strip, you can change its strip extents as desired.

sorry, as daren says, not WarKirby… ;/

oh my god wow

and you’ve just made me realise i can grab and move frames like that too :open_mouth:

I had someone make this asset. So you can retime in sections and keep the timing of the rest of the animation.
Retime - Blender Market