How do I rig this.... creature I made?

I am completely new to rigging and after following lots of tutorials I have no idea how to rig this. All the tutorials are for humans and I need to rig this spider character model I have. But even if I see a tutorial for spiders, this thing that I have is very different from a spider and has another body shape. I need to make it crawl. Help would be appreciated.

despacito.blend (1.4 MB)

The body is rigid (I think) so it just needs 1 bone.

And for each leg, two bones, the first parented but not connected to the body… Ik cnstraint length 2 on the second bone linking to a handle bone (just there for ik, not deforing mesh)

I think that I fixed it. Since this is for a meme animation and doesn’t need to be that high quality, I just used a deform modifier and modified the twist angle.

Also I have heard the term “IK” a lot and I know it means Inverse Kinematics but still I am not sure what that means.

It means …
Like if you have an arm with an elbow - rather than rotating forearm bone and upper am bone you can just position the hand and the computer can work out where to put the elbow.