How do i rig this ride?

how do I rig this ride?

my best guess, if rigging was designed in the most user-friendly way …

arrange a circle of mechanical arms, make them children of an empty located at the circle’s center. This way, when I rotate the empty about the z-axis, the arms will move in a circular fashion. The arms will also move up and down if I move the empty up and down.

now for the hard part …

the centrifugal force created by the spinning motion causes the arms to pivot at the top and rotate outwards. Rather than rotating them one-by-one and inserting keys, I would like to have every arm copy the rotation of a single empty. All arms would rotate up and down as I rotate the empty. My lack of success is relating the orientation of the empty to the orientation of each arm, which all point toward the center of the circle.

See example. There is a wheel, it’s the child of Empty_Main, spin/move the empty the wheel and it’s arms follow. All the arms are children of the wheel, notice their origin, or pivot point, this is important. On the arm where the 2nd empty is, I noticed which way it’s axis was pointing, in it’s case I would want to rotate the arm around it’s y-axis. So when I added the second empty, I rotated it until it’s y-axis was pointing the same way as the arm’s was. Now I added a copy rotation constraint to the arm, naming the empty and setting it to only copy the y-axis. This empty is also a child of the wheel. Now when you rotate the empty on it’s y-axis the arm follows. I added the same constraint to another arm, same thing… etc, etc…



example.blend (405 KB)