How do I Rotate a Bone While a (Constraint?) Translates the Bone?

When I rotate the leg bone, I want it to also translate forwards or backwards depending on how it rotates. Here’s a screenshot of the leg rotating:

And I want it to look like this when automatically translated:

Thanks in advance for the help!

Found the answer, but not the SOLVED prefix.

Anyway, I used drivers to do it. A lot of resources and tutorials on drivers if you’re curious as to how. Just needed a method to pursue.

Thanks if anyone started looking into this!

I know you said it is somewhat solved but I wanted to help you and others by looking at it in another way. This may help you in future animations too that implies sort of the same rig. This type of rig usually works very well in games but also in shorts as well. Basically I added a thigh bone that is set for rotation. So if the leg needs to go way back all I have to do is rotate the thigh bone instead of adjusting the location and rotation of the upperleg.

By your picture I made a simple representation of what I thought it looked like and rigged it up. Its a short walk cycle on how to animate this sort of rig. If you are interested in downloading the model, just tell me and I will send it.

I have done better animation but I didn’t want to spend too much time on it :).

Pardon me for just noticing this. Thank you very much! Good insight, and I was having some minor frustration with the drivers as they fail to reset sometimes and I have to fiddle a bit.