How do I rotate a parent locally within another parent object

I have a scooter… the whole scooter (all seperate objects) is parented to an empty/cube so that I can move the scooter around and rotate it as a whole

I also need the wheels to turn. So selected all the objects of the front wheel… duplicated the axis and parented those objects to the duplicate axis (and hid this in the render)… So the wheel is parented to a ‘empy’ object that is dead centre so it can rotate around it…

But this is where I get stuck… because as soon as I want to rotate the “axis parent”… the wheel rotates on the origin of the main empy… not the axis one… I also set the origin of the axis parent to “origin to centre of mass”… but im getting no results

It probaly has something to do with local axis or origin points…but im not sure what it is…any help is appreciated

edit… wait… it it because my pivot point is set to 3D cursor? Should it be on “active element”?

Sure looks like it’s rotating about your cursor in the pic, yeah. Active element, or individual origins, or median should all do what you want (with only the empty selected.)

Thanks for confirming this @bandages … this was the solution!