How do I rotate all objects by rotating one object?

I need to be able to rotate 20 objects by rotating one of the objects, For example I have 20 cubes in a scene, when I rotate a single cube all the cubes in the scene also rotate identically. How do i set that up?

Pivot point to individual origins.

Do i use an empty? I don’t know how to pivot to individual origins

It depends how you want them to rotate. Do they stay in the same position and rotate around their own origins, or do they move and orbit the main object.

  1. Copy rotation constraint. They stay in place. In the constraints tab (the chain icon) for all the child objects add an object constraint, ‘copy rotation’ and as the target choose the main object. Rotate the main object and the others will copy it.

  2. Parent the other objects tot he main object. select all the other objects, holding shift select the main object last. hit ctrl p and choose 'object. Deselect everything, and then select just the main object, and rotate or move it, the others follow and orbit.