How do I rotate lights?

Hi all,

I selected my light and did the necessary mouse move to enable me to rotate an object. I got a white dashed line for the view line of the light which swung 360 degrees. But when I click it goes away and the light source stays in the same position.

How do I actually rotate the light?


You can rotate things by hitting r key. You can lock the rotating to axis by hitting the alphabet of axis after hitting r. For example hitting r and then x twice allows you to rotate an object in its local x axis. Note: global and local axis are different things. Make a cube and rotate it and you will see what I mean.

It may be that your lamp is ordinary lamp that cannot be rotated. It radiates everywhere. There are other lamp types that can be rotated.

More about lamps:

Also don’t forget that if there is an IPO that’s affecting the position of the light … as there might be, from your previous attempts to animate the light … then that IPO will prevail unless you modify it by means of a keyframe.

Select the lamp and switch to an IPO-window. If there are RotX (etc…) IPO-curves present, then you should see a vertex on those curves anywhere you’ve declared a keyframe. The rotation established by that IPO is going to prevail until you either remove the IPO or change it.