How do I rotate two different vertice points a certain way?

Sorry I dunno how to describe it.

In the image above are two vertice points. How do I make it so that when I rotate, both points go upward or in a smiling motion? Currently I can rotate but only one will go more smiley but the other will go down.

What options are you using for mirroring
Does the object have any rotation
Where is your demo .blend file to review, the one which you should supply with ALL support questions ?

  1. in the image, you did not make a symetrical selection.
  2. the model is triangulated
  3. you do not seem to have a mirror modifier
  4. it is very high poly, making it hard to work with.

video will be up soon

Wow thank you for the video and help!

I don’t like to use the mirror anymore because it’s grabbing things that aren’t supposed to be grabbed.

No it doesn’t.

Sorry :<

In what way does it grab stuff that it is not supposed to? a mirror modifier will just simply mirror the mesh, it wont affect your selection in any way.