How do I save an animation on a Mac?

G’day blenderites

Using 2.53 Beta

I’ve been trying to work out how to save an animation on my Mac.

I eventually, when I learn how, want to use the render model on an iPad.

There is no option under ‘Save as’ to save in jpeg or such.

The f10 button does not bring up a menu, and Ctrl-f11 does not play the render.

I’ve got my keyboard set to normal mapping, and the f11 key on it’s own works as it should.

So, basically two questions…

  1. How do I show the f10 menu for rendering?

  2. How do I save/export the render suitable for using with an iPad.



Basically, in the properties panel under the rendering tab select the output directory and selectthe output format (you can set to quicktime and use a format the ipad can read, H264). Then pres the animate button and it will output the animation in the set location.

Thanks Richard